Biochemistry is the sector of Chemistry and Biology that analyzes life on a cellular level.

The body constitutes by compounds of organic and  inorganic substances.

The inorganic components that are found in the tissues of the  human body have taken shape based on oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, iron, silicon, magnesium etc. These elements  shape combinations, which result in inorganic salts that are transported to all the organs via the blood.


foodThe diet in the traditional treatments per the world,  is looked upon as botanic art, and thus it should, since it can regulate but also on the contrary completely de-regulate the human organism. The study of food as a herb is of enormous interest, and certainly alters the way that  we managed our nourishment so far.

It is not hard to comprehend nutritional issues, and nobody needs to labor and think hard, since the respective knowledge resides in each and everyone of us. All we have to do, is turn inside and listen, feel what our body needs to absorb, and what to avoid.



In nature we meet two big categories of micro-organisms, the aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms.

The first are developed in rich in oxygen environments while the second are encouraged by the lack of oxygen.

The human organism via breathing, ensures an aerobic environment in the tissues and organs, which results in the growth of friendly aerobic bacteria that are beneficial for human health. When the organism is characterized by lack of oxygen, it allows for the development of various anaerobic bacteria and fungae that are damaging for human health



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